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Customizing your case with Jalaka

Lastu X Jalaka will expand the user experience to next level. Being durable, timeless, and most of all super versatile, it is the best mobile companion. With Lastu X Jalaka your phone will slip into your pocket just as easily as ever. Convenience in a small package!
Telescopic legs extend and tilt freely, allowing you to stand and position your device in either portrait or landscape mode.  Single handed operation in the palm of your hand made easy.
Typing, taking pictures, googling, reading, watching movies, or just relaxing - there are countless of different uses. We’re also sure that Jalaka will turn out to be your best travelling companion, wherever you go! 
lastu jalaka best mobile stand for smartphones
This product is available for all LastuCover products as add-on. Select Jalaka Mobile Stand from any Lastu product page and we will per-install it to the back of your case.
Go to any Lastu product page and select Jalaka option from add-ons and Add To Cart. Easy. 


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