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Better feeling & protection for your Xiaomi with real Nordic wood.

Sick and tired of seeing the same ol' plastic phone cases everywhere you go? Yeah, we feel you. If you want to keep your Xiaomi protected and looking fly, you need to get your hands on one of our Xiaomi phone cases made from real materials.

Our cases are made from legit Nordic wood, leather and army fabrics giving them a unique and natural look. And since each case is handcrafted and made from sustainably sourced wood, you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, the natural variations in the wood mean that your case will be totally one-of-a-kind. How cool is that?

But let's be real, you don't just want protection, you want style too. That's why our phone cases have a dope design that showcases the natural wood grain and color. And with precise cutouts for all the ports and buttons on your Xiaomi, you can use your phone like normal without any restrictions.

Oh, and did we mention the MagSafe and MagSafe accessories? With MagSafe technology, you can attach accessories like a charger or a wallet to the back of your phone case magnetically. And since our phone cases are compatible with all MagSafe accessories, you can customize your phone case to fit your lifestyle.

But wait, there's more! Our phone cases are also super durable and provide excellent protection for your Xiaomi. The wood construction adds an extra layer of shock absorption to prevent damage from drops and impacts. And with raised edges around the screen and camera, you can rest assured that your phone is protected against scratches and cracks.

Genuine Materials

  • Hiilisaarni - Authentic Nordic black-dyed ash wood - Lacquered
  • Lumisaarni - Authentic Nordic white-dyed ash wood - Lacquered
  • Lehtikuusi - Authentic Nordic FSC-certified larch - Lacquered
  • Vegan leather - Manufacturer: Piñatex® - Material: 46% PALF (Pineapple Leaf Fibre), 42% PU, 12% PLA (Polylactic Acid) - Spain
  • M05 - Authentic Finnish M05 fabric that meets the Finnish Defence Forces' quality standards

Natural Feel & Finish

Protection and Durability Our wooden phone cases for Samsung Galaxy aren't just easy on the eyes; they also offer top-notch protection for your phone. The wood construction adds an extra layer of shock absorption, preventing damage from drops and impacts. The raised edges around the screen and camera provide additional defense against scratches and cracks.

Natural Feel and Finish We take great pride in our finishing process, which is non-toxic and maintains a natural look and feel to the wood. This ensures that your new case will look fabulous for years to come. We hand-finish and sand each piece, giving it a smooth, natural feel.

Every time we use 1kg of plastic we support the collection of 1kg of plastic waste from nature.

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